3 Ways to Remake Stale Headshots Without Reshooting

You know your headshots are your number one calling card for developing your resume and it’s likely that you are often in search of the perfect one.

Considering how expensive it can be, most actors can’t get new headshots every time they would like to, so what can you do?

You can give your Headshots a Make-Over! Yes, using the ones you have – if they’re not too-too old.

To start with, be sure to work with one of the best professional headshot photographers you can afford and you won’t have to worry about a Headshot Make-Over. However, let’s say that for whatever reason, you’re not ready to do a whole new shoot, or you’re saving your money to work with a top headshot photographer like Bradford Rogne.

If that’s the case, then you might want to do something to freshen-up your current photos instead. To help you with that, this article gives you 3 ways to improving your acting headshots without re-shooting.

If you’re seriously considering doing something about your unsuccessful headshots, this article could save you several hundred dollars and the frustration of having to get new photos… yet again.

Here are 3 ways to freshen-up your photos:

1. Change the color of the background.

It’s amazing what a difference it can make if you change the color of the background to a neutral color. It helps keep the focus more on your face. However, the reverse may be the solution for you. If you have a neutral background, you may fare better with a colored background. We all have certain colors that bring out our skin tones better. Play around with the background color and decide what option catches your eye and makes you stand out in the headshot.

2. Change your shirt color to a more complementary color to your skin.

This suggestion is obviously similar to the first suggestion. If you are wearing a shirt or blouse that is too textured, too patterned, too bright, or too dark, this is an issue you can improve to get a better headshot. A photo lab (like Reproductions, Ray’s Photo Lab, etc.) can pretty easily change the color of it by editing with something like Photoshop. Or maybe you or a friend have photo-editing software and can do it without spending any money. However, if you don’t have the skills then leave it up to a professional because you don’t want make the pictures worst with unprofessional editing.

If all your headshots were taken in the same outfit, freshen up your group of headshots by changing the shirt color of one of them. Maybe, you’re using different headshots as your commercial shot, dramatic shot, bad guy/gal, comedic guy/gal, or sexy guy/gal – all individual characters. A simple color change to the shirt can help differentiate those photos and bring new life to those individual characters.

3. If the background is too busy, with too much going on then get rid of it.

I hate to say it, but some otherwise really good headshot photographers get so focused on the “artsy-ness” of their photos, they forget that YOU are the subject they are selling, not their headshot skills.

Because they do that, sometimes the photographers do funky things with the background, such as making it blurred, and it is more distracting than helpful. While they may argue that it puts the attention on you by blurring the background or making it super busy, I think not. I can almost guarantee your face looked great without the funky background.

If you have a photo like that, you could change it to a neutral background color. Fixing the busy background will blow you away. Okay there you go!

As previously mentioned, you or a friend may have the skills to perform what’s suggested, in which case, you will spend hardly any money. And if you use a professional photo editor (from a photo lab, etc.) you’re still only likely to spend the cost of an hour of labor. That is far less than paying for a new headshot session and everything (makeup, etc.) that goes along with it.