Headshots For Actors – Tips on What Actors Must Look For In Their Headshots

What are your current headshots saying about you?

Has your acting career stalled a little bit recently? If so you are not alone. Unfortunately due to the economy jobs for actors have become harder and harder to get. Additionally, many actors make the mistake of using the same headshot year after year.

The truth is that headshots for actors are essential to their careers. However, these headshots get seen by the same casting directors audition after audition. This can be a good thing sometimes, but more often than not you run into a bit of trouble with this.

One of the biggest issues with headshots for actors is that their headshot looks substantially different than they do in real life. You do not want your headshot to look like a glamour shot that you cannot live up to. Instead, you want it to be an accurate representation of who you are today. If you make a big change in your appearance like a new hairdo or hair color you need to have new headshots.

You have to be instantly recognizable with your headshots, and if you have a look that is very different than your picture you need to be sure that you update your shots.

Additionally, headshots for actors should be timely.This means two different things. You want to be sure that your headshots are living up to the standards and trends of the current audition market. Unfortunately, if you still have black and white headshots you are seriously out of date. Headshots for actors today should be in full color, and if you are not sporting those than you need to seriously think about having yours redone. Additionally, you want to take a look at the trends in poses and looks to make sure that you do not look out of date and cheesy in your current shots. Headshots for actors should also be age appropriate. Unfortunately many actors are hesitant to invest in having new pictures taken. However, if yours are more than a few years old you really need to think about having them taken again.

Headshots for actors also need to be current in their hair, clothing, and makeup selections. Of course when you are first taking your headshots you want to try to keep to timeless and classic looks. Unfortunately many actors find themselves getting sucked in to wearing the latest trends and styles in their photograph. If you fall into this category you need to look into having yours redone.

Having some new headshots taken can help to revitalize a stalled career. It gives the casting directors an opportunity to see an updated version of you. It may also be just what they need to see you in a different light. As your performance career grows and changes you may want to alter the image that you present at your auditions. Headshots for actors can be a great tool to accomplish this with.

Spend some time thinking about how you want to present yourself so that you can ensure that image appears in your photographs.