Does Your Online Dating Headshot Look Like You?

When people sign up for an online dating site, uploading a photo is a key part of building an online profile. But it’s not as simple as rummaging through your online or offline photo album and picking a picture that will do. The photo is the first thing that people look at before deciding whether to look at the profile, so people need to give it some serious consideration.

Not all headshots look alike. As nice as that old photo might be, people need to make sure that it is taken against a good background and is well lit. Most people would prefer not to have a dating headshot that is taken at a bad angle, on a bad hair day, with bloodshot eyes or with any of the common problems of such photos. After all, the most important aspect of an dating photo is that it should look like the person who’s in it. This is how you sell yourself to the other person.

Show Your Personality With A Headshot

But a headshot does more than show what you look like. A good photo will let your personality shine through and make people want to meet you. And they should not be disappointed when they see you in the flesh.

The perfect headshot will

– make you stand out from the crowd

– show how good you look

– reflect your personality

– look natural

– get attention and a date

The Professional Touch

The best way to get a great looking dating headshot is to hire a professional. A professional headshot photographer will give your online dating photo the pizzazz it needs to attract your perfect partner. But you will need to do some work too. To get the best of an online dating photo you will need to:

– smile

– dress attractively

– avoid covering your eyes with huge glasses or sunglasses

– stand against a neutral background so you are the main focus of the picture.

It is wise to wear something comfortable and relatively neutral when taking your online photo. If you’re wriggling about in your clothes, lines will show on your face and that will detract from the photo’s appeal.

Many professional photographers will have makeup artists for a small fee. Remember when doing your hair to keep it simple. Your face is the selling point – and you don’t want to hide it.

Hiring a professional photographer will make sure that your dating headshot gets a second look – and perhaps a first date!

Headshot Tips: The Simplest Way to Get Amazing Actors Headshots

1. Wear to your shoot what you love to wear. If you choose to bring things you think look professional in or better than what you love to wear, you might not feel comfortable in the headshot. Bring clothes you love, as long as they have no logos or wild patterns like plaid. Layers are good because they add interest. Just stay away from all white.

2. Remember that no matter who you are, it takes a little time to get into the mood. You won’t get headshots until you’ve had time to get used to the photographer and you are hitting it off well. Take them lightly. If everything is a joke and you’re in a great mood, you’ll get a great headshot. As soon as you start losing the good mood, you will start getting worse shots. I like to believe that the more expensive the headshot photographer is, the better they will be at getting you in a great mood. So really, you want to hire someone you can really get along well with.

3. Have fun. It’s so important to have a good time. Think about happy and fun things if the photographer can’t get you there. As a headshot photographer, they should be able to direct you into the right mood, but if they have trouble, then it’s up to you because you want the good shots. Just be happy and confident and have fun!

4. Be completely comfortable. Don’t do anything at all that will make you uncomfortable, like fruit something new before the headshot session. If you wear new clothes or try new makeup and you’re worried about how it looks, it will show up in the images.

5. Play with the camera. Try to do different things and step out of the standard comfort zone of the basic smile you are so used to. We shoot digital these days, so we’re going to delete all the bad shots anyway! So try all different characters and moods and have fun. Feel comfortable in the fact that it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone, if that makes any sense.

Please let me know if you have any questions, but I sincerely believe that actors deserve great shots for a lower price. That’s why I’m willing to share these crucial tips. Remember that organic human interaction comes from likability, and only the likable people are successful. Now you know how important likability is if you want great and successful headshots. If you can’t get along well with your photographer or they make you feel uncomfortable, get out asap.

Why Are There No Eyes in This Actor’s Headshot?

I was searching a well know casting site today and came across a headshot of a guy that was taken outside. I noticed it in particular because it was a similar style of shot to one that I do for some of my clients that works really well. A shot that most of my clients really love.

When I looked at this shot one thing jumped out at me – THERE WERE NO EYES – what I mean is that the poor actor’s eyes could not be seen. They were simply large black holes in the face of the actor. (Great for a Zombie movie but useless for everything else.)

I have written many times on how important the eyes are in an actors headshot. They are critical to making your headshot stand out, they are the main focus of the photograph and contain all the emotional content.

Why hadn’t this photographer noticed that there was not enough light on the subjects face, why hadn’t they used some kind of reflector, was it they couldn’t be bothered or didn’t understand the concept of lighting.

Which leads me to another point. Maybe the photographer was part-time or cheap or a friend, either way they should have known that they weren’t doing justice to the subject or themselves. More on this in another article.

Back to the main point. Why didn’t the photographer do something about this, AND more importantly why didn’t the actor realise that his eyes couldn’t be seen and say something to his photographer AND just as important why would he use this headshot to promote himself?

Didn’t he realise that his eyes were the most important part of the shot? didn’t he understand that he was selling himself short in this ultra competitive market where you only have seconds to impress?

I also wondered if he knew about this stuff and if his photographer had ever mentioned or knew themselves how important the eyes are in an actors headshot?

I am saddened when I see this kind of poor photography, partly because it brings my profession into disrepute but mainly for the actor who has wasted their money and is unknowingly promoting himself with a headshot that is doing him no favors at all. He should be on the phone asking for his money back – not a reshoot in this case as the photographer clearly does not understand on of the most fundamental rules of photography.